Pakistan has taken another initiative to defuse the tension in relations with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf, who had to cancel a visit last week due to protests in Kabul, this time without informing the media, reached Kabul quietly and met Taliban officials there. Yusuf, who reached Kabul on Saturday evening, also returned to Islamabad late in the night. However, what happened between the Afghan Taliban and the delegation of Pakistan, has not been told.


Silence on recognition of Taliban rule

Pakistan has not yet recognized the Taliban rule in Afghanistan like other countries. No decision could be taken in this regard even during Modi’s visit. Pakistan is constantly appealing to the world to recognize the Taliban rule and help the people of Afghanistan. However, till now no decision has been taken by any country in this regard. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has also visited Kabul, but the border dispute between the two countries has turned deep into a confrontation on many issues. The Taliban is not ready to accept the Durand Line. There have been several shots fired here.

blame the Taliban

Appearing before the Standing Committee of the Parliament of Pakistan last week, Moeed had clearly said – Our country is being continuously attacked from the soil of Afghanistan. There are safe havens of our enemy Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ie TTP. His roots are very deep and the number of people supporting him in Pakistan is no less. Tension has been going on between Pakistan and Afghanistan for almost two months. Pakistan alleges that the Taliban are not allowing its soldiers to install barbed wire fencing on the border. Not only this, the Taliban uprooted it in many places through fencing bulldozers. There are also reports of clashes and firing between Afghan Taliban and Pakistani soldiers on this issue.

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Why was the tour postponed last week?

Moeed Yusuf was about to go to Kabul last week to discuss all the issues. He had also sat in the aircraft, but only then came the news that thousands of Afghan citizens had gathered outside Kabul airport to protest. Yusuf had to cancel the tour.

It was said from Pakistan that Moeed’s visit had been postponed due to bad weather, but two Pakistani journalists had shattered the Imran government’s claim. He had clearly said in his report – there is a lot of hatred against Pakistan in Afghanistan. Before Yusuf’s visit, there was a large number of