Mayawati’s party Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has suffered a major setback in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati’s party, which has become the Chief Minister of UP four times, has got only 1 seat in this election. While holding a press conference in Lucknow on Friday, Mayawati appealed to her workers not to lose courage. By telling the history of Congress and BJP, Mayawati has tried to convince the supporters that good and bad times keep coming in politics. Referring to the reasons for BJP’s victory and BSP’s defeat, the BSP supremo also said that his society stood like a rock with the party, he is satisfied with this.

Mayawati said that the current election in UP is not at all a fair result of the hard work of crores of people of BSP. Still, the people of this party, the followers of Babasaheb, should not lose heart, but try to make a path by cutting stones, in any case, to continue lifelong. BJP has also seen such a bad situation. After independence, the people did not give them a chance to rule the country for a long time. Even in UP, the condition of BJP before 2017 was not very good. The Congress party is also going through the same condition. The worst condition the BJP has gone through before. Mayawati has also said that Congress had to face a similar defeat in the 1977 elections, but then came back.

Mayawati accused the media of spreading negativity and said that her party was projected as the B team of BJP. Mayawati said that Muslim voters of BSP shifted towards SP. He also admitted that his Hindu voters (non-Jatavs) voted for the BJP to prevent the SP from coming to power. Mayawati said, “It is a matter of satisfaction that Dalit voters, especially people from my own society, stood like a rock with the party. The more I am proud of them, the less or the less I express my gratitude. They should not let their morale drop. Success will come again one day.

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Mayawati said that due to the aggressive anti-Muslim election of the BJP, the Muslim society voted for the SP. Had these people not been the victims of rumors, the result would not have been like this. Now after the passage of time, these people will repent. If the vote of the Muslim community had merged with the Dalit community, as in Bengal, it would have been the same here with the TMC, which destroyed the BJP. These people forget the fact that only BSP can stop BJP from coming to power in UP, not SP. Had there been a triangular struggle in UP, the results of UP would have been as expected of BSP and BJP would not have come to power.