Counting of votes is underway in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. According to the trends till around 11:30 pm, once again the government of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is going to be formed in UP. After falling behind in the trends, the Samajwadi Party has asked the workers not to pay attention to the trends being shown on TV. The SP is still hopeful of a comeback and the party has asked its workers to stand still at the counting centers. The SP is expecting a miracle like a reshuffle in the 2015 Bihar assembly election results by noon.

The Samajwadi Party has also said that the final result will remain in its favor. Tweeting from the official Twitter handle of SP, it was written, “An appeal to all the socialists and workers of allies to stay on their booths regardless of the trends shown on TV, in the end, democracy will win and the result will be the SP alliance ” will be in favor of it.

In another tweet, SP said that there is a difference of 200-300 votes in most of the seats, the game of perception is being played by TV media. The game of discouraging SP workers is being played by the media and BJP workers so that SP workers leave the counting place and BJP can be dishonest in the final results.” However, two tweets were later deleted.

Appealing to the workers to maintain morale, the party said, “SP workers and the public should not get discouraged and do not break their morale, the SP alliance will win in the final results, SP workers should stand on the spot and protest against any possibility of dishonesty.” Register, TV media, and survey agencies cannot decide public opinion, people have given their vote to SP!

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As per the trends till 11:30 am, BJP was leading in 262 seats, while SP is leading in 131 seats. The BSP seems to be suffering a big loss. BSP is leading in only 4 seats while Congress is leading in 3 seats. Others are leading in 2 seats. Looking at the trend so far, political experts say that the possibility of a complete reversal of the figures from here is very negligible.