The ruling BJP is in full swing for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. On the one hand, this election is considered important for the return of the BJP to the center in 2024, while it is also very important for the political future of CM Yogi Adityanath. This election is also very important for creating an alternative leadership in the BJP. On the one hand, the UP elections will decide the future direction of politics in the country, while the answers to many questions arising within the BJP can be found from the results of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, in 2022, in a way, the situation of 2002 is going to be repeated within the BJP. The point is that the Gujarat Assembly elections in 2002 had elevated Modi’s stature and his entry into national politics had begun in a way.

BJP and Yogi

Now exactly after 20 years, a similar situation has arisen again, when Yogi wins, he can be seen emerging as a national leader even outside UP. Along with this, the answer to the question of who after Modi in BJP can also be partially answered. Recently, in the National Executive meeting of BJP held in Delhi, UP CM Yogi Adityanath had presented a political proposal. This was the first time, at the national level, CM Yogi was honored in this way. Now if he wins, then his stature will also be seen increasing among the people.

The slogan of ‘Modi-Yogi-Jai Shri Ram’ is often seen among BJP workers in UP. It is clear that after Modi, BJP workers in UP see only Yogi, but the results of this election will tell how right and wrong this slogan proves to be. Regarding giving an opportunity to Yogi to present the proposal in the executive meeting, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said, ‘What is wrong in this. CM Yogi is the Chief Minister of the most populous state of the country. He is also popular for his works. That’s why he was given this opportunity. It was clearly indicated by his statement that Yogi Adityanath’s stature is now increasing outside UP as well.

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What are the similarities between Modi of 2002 and Yogi of 2022?

Actually, the biggest similarity between Modi and Yogi of 2002 is that the election was fought for the first time on Modi’s face because before that he was made CM in the mid-term. Even though Yogi became the CM in 2017 and completed his five-year term, but then no one’s name was decided as the Chief Minister in the state. In such a situation, this is the first time that the election is being contested on his face. If he wins this time, he will also get a big credit for it and it will increase his stature in the politics of UP and the country.

Search for alternative leadership may be complete in BJP

There is another similarity between the 2002 elections in Gujarat and now the 2022 elections in UP. After winning that election, PM Narendra Modi got national recognition and was seen as a future national leader. The way CM Yogi’s stature has increased in the last few years, the same is being expected about him. If he leads the BJP to victory in the 2022 elections, he can also be seen as the future leadership of the BJP at the national level.