When the Padma Awards were announced by the Central Government this year, there are many such names in it that have remained the subject of discussion. One of these is the name of Shivanand Baba, a resident of the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. The Modi government at the Center has decided to confer the Padma Shri award on Shivanand Baba, aged 126. Shivanand Baba lives in the Kabir Nagar area of ​​Varanasi and is very healthy even at the age of 126. People are now curious to know about him, people also want to know what this Baba eats and drinks.


Actually, on the Aadhar card of Shivanand Baba, his date of birth is 8 August 1896. According to a report by Aaj Tak Online, Shivanand Baba is the oldest person in the world according to this date of birth, but this record is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in the name of Chitetsu Watanabe of Japan. At present, after the announcement of getting the Padma Shri award, Shivanand Baba has once again come into the limelight. During this, some of his pictures are also going viral.

have traveled the world

Some reports state that Shivanand Baba said that he was born on 8 August 1896 in the Srihatti district of Bengal. His parents had passed away due to hunger, since then Baba took a vow to eat only half the stomach, which he is doing till now. After some time he reached Kashi from Bengal and took education from Guru Omkaranand here. In 1925, on the orders of his master, he went on a world tour. He measured the country and abroad for about 34 years.

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Two years in Vrindavan, Varanasi since 1979

After taking initiation in the ashram, he went to Vrindavan in 1977. After living in Vrindavan for two years, he came to Varanasi in 1979. Have been living here since then. Baba has traveled to many countries. Even at the airport, people are surprised to see him at such an age without any support.

In-depth knowledge of yoga and religion

Since 1979, he has been living in Varanasi and after a few years in Varanasi, he started motivating people for yoga and a healthy routine. He has compassionate feelings for the poor. He says about Kashi that it is a holy land as well as a Tapo Bhoomi. Lord Shankar himself resides here, so he likes it here. Shivanand Baba has a very deep knowledge of Yoga and Dharma.

sivanand baba routine

Baba wakes up every morning at three o’clock and practices yoga for an hour. After this, after worshiping, they start their day. They recite Maa Chandi and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Regarding food, he repeatedly says that he is completely healthy only because of eating pure and vegetarian food.

what to eat, what not to eat

Shivanand Baba eats only boiled food. He himself told that he does not consume fruits and milk but only eats boiled food. They only eat rock salt. Because of this, he is alive for 126 years and is completely healthy, Baba also eats balanced food. If poor people do not get fruits and milk, then even Baba does not accept them.

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very happy to get Padma Shri

He is happy to get the Baba Padma Shri award, he has expressed his gratitude to the government. Shivanand Baba says that one should live a normal way in life. Due to the vegetarian diet, he is completely healthy. Baba’s Vaidya Dr. SK Aggarwal told that Baba eats satvik food and lives life with complete discipline. Yoga is very important in his life.

Actress Shilpa Shetty has also praised

Baba’s fitness and skill of doing difficult yoga exercises at this age came into the limelight when some time ago actress Shilpa Shetty shared his video on Twitter and told everyone about his health. Taking inspiration from these, Shilpa started yoga and made changes in the diet. He wrote that Shivanand Baba remains happy and positive.

Also in discussion at the time of vaccination

Shivanand Baba has taken both the doses of Corona Vaccine. Recently, when Baba had reached Varanasi to get the vaccine, he was asked to Aadhaar for registration. Everyone was shocked to see his birth on August 8, 1896, on the Aadhar card. The medical staff was also very excited to see him. Baba had also blessed the health workers after getting the vaccine.