Seeing the video that Urfi Javed has shared this time, the heartbeat of many people stopped for a moment. While sharing this video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption – We are making noise. Urfi Javed wrote in the hashtag – Reel Karo Feel Karo. Urfi Javed often shares her semi-nude pictures or videos on social media and every time she was trolled fiercely. There were many posts in which trolls even wrote about her going completely nude.


Urfi Javed went completely topless?

Urfi Javed has shared such a video this time, which will make the trolls happy to see, while for many it will be a heart-stopping moment. Urfi Javed has shared a video of her on Instagram in which she is seen completely topless. Urfi Javed is walking forward by wrapping a blue cloth below and the camera is shooting her from behind.

The biggest twist comes in the video

Urfi is seen completely topless. She goes ahead and then at a point when she is about to turn around, people are in shock that what is Urfi Javed going to do? However, when she turns around, she is wearing a stylish top, which makes people feel that she is probably not wearing anything. Although people surrounded him fiercely in the comment box on this video.

The user said – the beating had stopped

One user wrote in the comment section, ‘Time changed, emotions changed. Oh, brother kill me. Oh brother. One person wrote, ‘I wish I was blind before seeing this.’ Many people have written in the comments that this video of Urfi scared them badly. One person wrote – I was scared. Another person wrote – scared brother this time. My heartbeat had stopped.

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Babu doesn’t do it like this, someone will kill

Some people expressed surprise on his top and wrote – How has it stopped after all? Another person wrote – Means…..Even today there are such artisans on this earth who make such wonderful dresses….emotion-changer. A person asked Urfi Javed – What do you want sister, tell me today. Allah must also think that what I have made. A troll made fun of Urfi and wrote – Babu doesn’t do all this. Somebody will kill you