Virat Kohli has talked about the aspect of his career that his fans do not know about in the podcast of Royal Challengers Bangalore. RCB has posted this podcast of King Kohli on its Twitter account. In this video, Virat Kohli is telling how you deal with when things are not in your favor.

When Kohli was asked which aspect of your cricket career the fans have not seen? To this, the Indian batsman said, “I would not call this aspect difficult, but the moment when you are sitting in your room without confidence, you do not have the confidence to perform the next day and what needs to be done to overcome it. don’t know anything. All this.”

Kohli said, “I can show you my training videos, month after month, I can show you what I am doing so that you can get inspired, but it is difficult for anyone to know that to give 200 percent for the team by playing under pressure and What it’s like to contribute to a win. And how to manage your expectations when things aren’t going well is the most challenging point in my career.”

This phase of Virat Kohli came during 2014 when he was not able to score in England, at present also he is dealing with some similar things.

Kohli further said, “When you know that you are not doing well, then you neither do well in the gym nor do your practice. At this time your mind dominates you. At such times you have to manage things during the match. It happens. You can’t say it’s the third day of the match and I’m done, I’m going home. It doesn’t happen, you have two more matches ahead and you have to work hard for your team and your country Gotta grow.”

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He said, “When I have to make a decision, I take it, but then people start reacting. I have been playing for the last 7-8 years so people say it should be played every single match. At the end of the day, I can’t tell people what circumstances I’m going through as a person.”