Abhishek Bachchan may look very serious but he is very mischievous. He has a lot of fun while shooting. On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra is no less. Simi Grewal has shared a video on her Instagram. It was revealed in this video that once Priyanka stole Abhishek Bachchan’s phone and sent it to Rani Mukerji. After this, Priyanka had switched off the phone in fear. The message was also such that Rani Mukerji was shocked. Simi tells Priyanka what message Rani Mukerji had sent to Abhishek after PC’s prank.


First Abhishek did mischief

This interview of Simi Grewal is from 2006. Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, and Riteish did the film Bluffmaster together in 2005. Simi asks Priyanka, did you steal her mobile? Priyanka laughs and says, how did you know. Then she tells that first Abhishek stole mine. Priyanka told, me they stole my phone. Switched it off and sat on it. I went crazy looking for it. I knew he was there, but whether he was saying it or not, I don’t know. And I kept asking for them. He had to give in to the talk because he couldn’t sit on it for long, he had to get out of the van.

Priyanka wrote, Missing you…

Priyanka told that she found the phone under Abhishek and she wanted to take revenge on him.

After this Abhishek left his phone. Priyanka got a chance. However, Ritesh also forbade him not to do this. Priyanka told that she took Abhishek’s phone and hid it. However, Simi interrupts Priyanka not to lie. To this Priyanka revealed, I was showing wickedness. I messaged someone, I am missing you. where have you been for so long? Are you…?

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Simi asked Priyanka if she knew what was Rani’s answer to this. Priyanka says no, I was very scared. I switched off the phone and hid it in the van. After this Ritesh and I ran away. Priyanka told that Abhishek got her call after half a day. Simi told that Rani had replied, HI AB, what happened to you?