On Friday in Bareilly, the people of the dargah reached there when the DJ played at a wedding ceremony in Hussain Bagh. He objected to the DJ playing. The marriage was halted for three hours. The DJ was stopped after explaining to the people of the girl’s side and after that, the marriage ceremony was completed.


Mufti Ahsan Mian, the Sajjadanshin of Dargah Aala Hazrat, had issued an appeal in the name of the community to follow the Shariat law. In which he said that Muslims should not play DJ in a program like marriage, do not lose food while standing, and stay away from non-Shari matters.

TTS district president Manzoor Khan Noori said that we had received information that DJ is playing at a wedding function in Hussain Bagh. We reached the spot with the team. The DJ stopped playing but after that, the DJ was played again. The team stopped the marriage. After a long time, when the girl’s side understood, she stopped the DJ from playing. After this, the marriage ceremony was performed.

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