There are many reasons for having a headache. Most people have a headache at some point, but it is normal and often gets better within a few hours or a few hours, but half a headache is considered very dangerous. In this type of headache, there is restlessness and pain in the eyes also. There are many reasons for half-headache and most of the half-headaches are of three types. half head pain


Sinus infection.

Not getting proper sleep.

Deep sleep remedies.


Tension or lump in the neck muscles.


Taking more headache medicines.

Excessive consumption of caffeinated substances.


Skipping one meal at a time.

Many other problems that last for a long time can cause headaches.

tension headache

This fatigue is due to emotional stress and any kind of problem in the muscles or joints associated with the neck and jaw. This pain can also occur in any one part of the head. This pain is caused by thinking about a problem or thinking of bad experiences over and over again.


Migraine pain is more dangerous than tension pain. Migraines are two to three times more common in women than in men. The cause of migraine may vary from person to person, but in addition to pain, some symptoms are also common in migraine sufferers. These include symptoms like fatigue, lack of sleep, emotional stress.

cluster headache

Its cases are rarely seen, but it is more severe than all types of headaches. It has been seen to occur five times more often in men than in women. Cluster headache can happen to anyone, but it is more common in people who smoke.

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