The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Many countries including America are with Ukraine regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine and are continuously imposing sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, Israel has talked about mediation between Russia and Ukraine. Israeli PM Naftali Bennett has reached Moscow and held talks with Putin regarding the matter. But why has Israel talked of mediation? What is at stake for Israel in the Russia-Ukraine war? Let’s try to find out.


Israel and Ukraine relations

A report in the Indian Express suggests that Israel is one of the few countries that have good working relations with both Russia and Ukraine. Israel has delivered 100 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and is also preparing to build a field hospital there. Ukraine is home to about 200,000 Jewish people. Many of these people still live.

Israel and Russia relations

On the other hand, when it comes to Russia and Israel, there are relations of strategic importance between the two countries. Israel has so far openly criticized Russia. Israel is heavily dependent on Moscow for security coordination in Syria. In addition, Russia is among the negotiating powers with Iran over the Vienna nuclear program.

Naftali, after returning from Moscow, said that even though this is not a better opportunity, Israel has a moral duty to act. Several Israeli experts have also advised Naftali Bennett to refrain from mediating. Barak Ravid has said that Naftali has descended into Russia-Ukraine mud without knowing how deep it is.

What do the experts say?

Kabir Taneja is associated with the Observer Research Foundation. Knowledgeable in worldly affairs. He has pointed out that better relations with Russia are very important for Israel to continue its attacks on Iran-backed militias in Syria. At the same time, Moscow is an integral part of the Iran nuclear talks, which Israel opposes. In such a situation, Israel expects help from Russia here too. And one important thing is that Ukraine has a large population of Jewish people and Jewish people have passionate relations with many cities of Ukraine.

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