Fans are eagerly waiting for Marvel’s upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 2 trailers of the film have been released so far and since Doctor Strange had an important role in Spider-Man – No Way Home, it is believed that Spider-Man can be seen in this film as well. Apart from this, fans are excited about the return of Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man in the film, and in the meantime, another interesting news has come to the fore.


‘Deadpool’ entry in Doctor Strange?

Based on a poster from the film, some fans are claiming on social media that ‘Deadpool’ will also enter Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In fact, in a poster in which Doctor Strange is seen flying through pieces of glass, a face like Deadpool is seen on a piece of glass. It is on this basis that Deadpool is being claimed to be in the film.

What did actor Ryan Reynolds say?

But how much truth is there in this claim? Actor Ryan Reynolds, who played the role of Deadpool, has denied the claims and said that he is not a part of the film. Ryan Reynolds said, ‘I’m not in this movie. I’m telling the truth. I am not in this film. Let us tell you that Deadpool has not been made a part of any Marvel film yet.

Fans are excited after the trailer

It is known that ‘Doctor Strange’ is counted among the most popular and popular superheroes of Marvel. The first part of the film was very successful and now the fans are waiting for its second part. However, in the meantime, the entry of Doctor Strange has been made in many other films. On the other hand, the fans are also very excited about the return of Iron Man through this film.

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